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Just Customs, herewith referred to as Just Customs. The Sale and Purchased Agreement set out below (“Terms”) are the terms applying to all sales of clients effective as of 22 August 2023.


1.1 These Terms shall apply to all Invoices raised in of despite any verbal indication to the contrary by any person acting or purporting to act on behalf of JUST CUSTOMS. Accordingly, the Customer must obtain JUST CUSTOMS written confirmation of all variations to these Terms (including all representations or understandings) which the Customer wishes to make. JUST CUSTOMS may vary these Terms from time to time and MAY provide the Customer with replacement Terms on request.


2.1 Subject to JUST CUSTOMS being satisfied (in all respects) with the Customer’s order, JUST CUSTOMS will issue an order Sale Invoice to the Customer which will confirm acceptance by of the Customer’s request. JUST CUSTOMS will not be liable to the Customer or any third party for declining the service after the service is accepted. The Acceptance we refer any form of acceptance, a reply to our communications, and asking us to perform the service on behalf.  JUST CUSTOMS will make all reasonable attempts to notify the Customer that it delays, or reschedule of the shipment or booking. In the event that the Customer disagrees with any of the information contained in the change of booking details, the Customer should notify JUST CUSTOMS as soon as practicable and in any event within (1) Working days of the date of the booking confirmation is made whichever is earlier.

2.2 Unless the Customer so notifies JUST CUSTOMS of any disagreement with the Sales invoice in accordance with clause 2.1, the Sale Invoice shall be deemed to be correct. Each line in invoice in the confirmation invoice constitutes that client agrees to pay the charges considered agreed and pay on the invoice., we forward to the registered email of the client with us. The client agrees that emails and contact numbers provided to us are active and is monitored all the time and JUST CUSTOMS do not take any responsibility of clients not checking, reading or not receiving the email.   

3.1 Charges contained JUST CUSTOMS standard chares all Taxes government statutory charges, which are to be paid by Customer in addition to the invoiced total.

3.2 Unless otherwise specified by JUST CUSTOMS, the charges of the INVOICE shall be the cost plus our margin prevailing at the date of the Sales Invoice. If, as at the date the Order Confirmation, JUST CUSTOMS as reasonably determined by JUST CUSTOMS and notified to the Customer by a revised Invoice, if any additional charges which is beyond the control of the company. We will do out best to advise these final charges, prior to send the invoice, but depending on the reasons beyond our control we will not be able to do that at all the time as times if we get invoices from suppliers for other associated cost, we will send the same invoice to client for an immediate payment and the same will include an internal admin fee. 

3.3 JUST CUSTOMS has no obligation to provide invoices of third party supplies and our contractors or discuss our, shares margins of a job we have carried on behalf a of a client.

3.4 While we expect it’s our prime responsibility, to work with boarder protection, authorities, and relevant government agencies to follow law and order in New Zealand, we expect that the clients are providing us accurate documents, accurate information and we entrust that clients are aware of likely penalties, and legal obligations to face, by law by providing incorrect, inaccurate , information to us. And JUST CUSTOMS do not take any responsibility for any damage, harm as result, also we are under obligations and may require to provide, share, information, documents with these government agencies.  And not necessarily we need discretion, approval of the client to share this information with relevant government agencies but we are bound to provide this information.

3.5 We are not necessarily required to authenticate the accuracy of these documents and we do not expect to do that this information unless otherwise, a request is made from a relevant, government authority and its client  full responsibility to adhere boarder control requirements.   

3.6 A written quotation will be given by JUST CUSTOMS only if a request for such is made.  We suggest, encourage client to request a quote and we are in the business and the nature of the transactions are times hard to be determined. We are expecting our clients are reasonably aware of the market price sell and the prices set out in such quotation applies in place of the prevailing prices   quoted for. A written quotation expires on the date specified (if) in the quotation as the “expiry date” or, if no date is specified, within  Working Days after the date of the written quotation (unless extended by JUST CUSTOMS).

3.7 Relevant and completed documents are required minimum five days before the vessel, Air Craft arrives to the relevant port, in New Zealand, Australia. JUST CUSTOMS do not take any responsibility for any additional charges occurred resulted incomplete, document or delayed documents, in order process your request but we can only make an effort to assist you with no assurance. 


4.1 Goods will be discharged  by JUST CUSTOMS on the discretion of the management  or its agent to the destination stipulated on  confirmation, with delivery occurring when the Goods arrive at the Customer’s site and are ready but goods will be remained a property of JUST CUSTOMS AND OWNERSHIP REMAINED until the JUST CUSTOMS  invoice, invoices are   fully settled with cleared funds to out nominated bank, not a scanned , payment confirmation, screened shot , or image , picture of the payment confirmation, but cleared funds.

4.2 The expected date is quoted in good faith, but JUST CUSTOMS reserves the right to finalize, amend, reconfirm dates, orders in whole and expected date to be ne notified the Customer within a reasonable time thereafter. Any delays will not result in a breach of contract and the Customer shall not be entitled to terminate the contract once its agreed or to any other remedy whatsoever.

4.3 JUST CUSTOMS reserves the right to cancel, suspend, or delay dispatch goods, service in the event of and during acts of God, wars, strikes, floods, fires, shortages of fuel, electricity, raw materials, transportation or labor, governmental controls or requirements, accidents or breakdowns in   or any other circumstances of any kind whatsoever beyond JUST CUSTOMS control, affecting or interfering with delivery of Goods.

4.4 Freight, all other charges will be charged at the rates contained in JUST CUSTOMS current charges list as at the date of business.

4.5 Invoice and minimum charges are to be determined by the JUST CUSTOMS   that will be subject to NZ and JUST CUSTOMS prevailing charges policy in place applies, practices.  


5.1 Subject to clause

5.2 payment is due the date of invoice or as such written agreement with the company CUMODE and the party receiving the invoice.   Any payments or balance of any payment which is unpaid by the due date shall accrue interest at JUST CUSTOMS prevailing interest rate. Interest will be calculated daily until payment in full is received.

5.3 JUST CUSTOMS may, suspend performance of or terminate of the service we provided if, in opinion, the credit of the Customer becomes impaired, until such time as JUST CUSTOMS has received full payment or satisfactory security for deliveries made and is satisfied as to the Customer’s credit for future deliveries. JUST CUSTOMS has the right to cancel any delivery, release of documents, re-evaluate all payment terms, or require full or partial payment or adequate assurance of the Customer’s performance of its obligations under this agreement without liability to JUST CUSTOMS in the event of a material adverse change to the Customer’s financial condition.

5.4 JUST CUSTOMS may not set off any amount owed by the Customer to JUST CUSTOMS against any amount of money that is owed, or may become owing, to JUST CUSTOMS by the Customer in the event a company stop its operation. In the event, the company, or individual and the business entity and operation are under the observation, or subject to an audit or any investigations by any statutory body client take an immediate step to inform JUST CUSTOMS and take immediate action to settle all outstanding invoices. Notwithstanding, if JUST CUSTOMS make a request, client agrees to disclose details of such investigations to JUST CUSTOMS in writing and inform us with details on a regular basis. 

5.5 Where the Customer is in default of its obligations in relation to payment, then notwithstanding any other rights and remedies available under this document, at law or otherwise, JUST CUSTOMS will be entitled to: (a) charge interest in accordance with clause. and client to advise any such to JUST CUSTOMS with immediate effect.

5.6 (a) recover costs representing overdue amounts, such as legal or debt collection costs; (c) terminate or suspend, without incurring liability to the JUST CUSTOMS, any contract in force between JUST CUSTOMS and the Customer for the supplier of services and withhold any deliveries of Goods the subject of any order accepted by JUST CUSTOMS whether under these terms or otherwise; or (d) review any rebates, discounts or incentives that may otherwise be available to the Customer.


6.1 Claims in respect of defective or damaged Goods (whether as a result of damage during transit or otherwise) are to be lodged a JUST CUSTOMS   office in writing or within 1 (ONE) days of receipt of the goods affected with all supporting documents, pictures. No claim will be recognized unless lodged within the period prescribed with a “Clause 6.1 “carriers’ receipt for damage during which JUST CUSTOMS may not take any liability but only the carrier, or service provider. JUST CUSTOMS shall not be liable for any loss or damage or other costs or expenses of any kind whatsoever that the Customer may suffer as a result of this.

Terms: Amount Owing means, at any time, the unpaid invoice charged by JUST CUSTOMS for the SERVICES AND ASSOCIATED CHARGES, and any other sums which JUST CUSTOMS is entitled to INVOICE. An Event of Default means an event where: (a) the Customer fails to comply with these Terms or any other agreement with JUST CUSTOMS ; or (b) the Customer is subject to any event which is in the nature of dissolution, winding up, bankruptcy, liquidation, insolvency or receivership, or which generally precedes such an event; or (c) an event occurs or information becomes known to JUST CUSTOMS, which in JUST CUSTOMSS`S opinion, might materially affect the Customer’s creditworthiness, the value of the Goods the subject of the Security Interest, or the Customer’s ability or willingness to comply with its obligations under these Terms or any other agreement with JUST CUSTOMS; or (d) any guarantor of the Customer’s obligations under these Terms is in default under any agreement with JUST CUSTOMS (in any capacity). Consignment Stock means any GOODS that are not owned by JUST CUSTOMS but have been supplied to the Customer a third party but not released or not release for by the Customer and are held at the Customer’s premises or another premises as approved by JUST CUSTOMS. Customer the relevant company or other legal person who has submitted an order for certain Goods to JUST CUSTOMS and has thereby become subject to these Terms. Expected Date means the date on which JUST CUSTOMS reasonably expects the Goods to be delivered to the Customer. Goods means all goods imported by the client from time to time by JUST CUSTOMS to the Customer, provided that: (a) where the goods supplied are of the Customer, then all references to Goods in these Terms shall, for the purposes in respect of those goods, be read as references to inventory for so long as they are held as inventory; connection with these Terms or any agreement incorporating these Terms.

JUST CUSTOMS will take all possible options, avenues to recover its associated cost, charges and if JUST CUSTOMS decides that client is not cooperating with JUST CUSTOMS by not responding, accepting email, phone calls, txt messages any other form out efforts to contact the client. 

JUST CUSTOMS will request client by sending to pay the invoice within one day (1) working day and if no payments are made and JUST CUSTOMS will hold the right for goods or request to re deliver goods to a nominated addresses required by JUST CUSTOMS. On these return goods Customer to arrange transport cost on their own. After we make an internal judgment that Customer is not cooperating to settle outstanding invoice we will take all necessary steps, to recover including contacting the service of one or debt collectors, guarantors, referees, and other parties that JUST CUSTOMS decides on their own discretion for the best interest for the company and its share holders and other related parties.

We do hold our rights to follow all possible options to recover debts and these options clients accept not to disclose or require prior approval from any third party, parties.  Customer by contracting us accept these terms of JUST CUSTOMS and by accepting and requesting to carry out business Customer also agree to bind with these terms at all given time.

Quotations are issued for the intended user only but not to duplicate, or forward to other unrelated parties, competitors to our business. Quotations we are sending and details are covered with our policies, that is not share with any other party with no written consent from us to take an advantage.

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